Touch of Lime Restaurant Corner River Road & Samdech Tep Vong Street,Wat Bo Village,Sala Kamroeuk Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Listing Type : Restaurants
Location : Siem Reap
Cuisines : French
Phone : +855 63 969 494
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Angkor Sayana’s signature restaurant Touch of Lime, as the name suggests, has its cuisine strongly influenced by its Southeast Asian origins. This is the venue for our all inclusive bountiful and healthy full buffet breakfast, an essential start for the day and designed to satisfy both the local and international pallet.Lunch and dinner in Touch of Lime is an a la carte or set menu dining experience, with a variety of Khmer, Mediterranean and fusion options. Simple quality ingredients, cooked and combined to perfection to create the a mouth-watering East meets West delights. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the standards or the childrens tastes. You can choose to feast Khmer Style or select individually portioned dishes, simply relax and take your time, you may even consider enjoying from our array of fine wines and beverages, all only a few small steps from the comfort and security of your room.Our Executive Chef:Executive Chef Sith Vichea, is now creating his magic at Touch of Lime Restaurant, Angkor Sayana Hotel & Spa, Siem Reap, Cambodia.As the name suggests Touch of Lime finds its origins in the flavors synonymous with Indochina, where many traditional dished are complemented with a touch of lime.Native born and trained under world renowned chefs, Chef Vichea came to maturity with international cuisine during his time with Raffles Hotels. When asked who most influenced his creativity he cites chef of the calibre of Chea Andy, Raffles Beijing and Chef Shankar’s Indian cuisine.Fluent in his native Khmer tongue, Thai and English, he brings a true sense of Cambodian heritage to his dishes and can call upon his Thai, and Western influences to truly bring a fusion of east meets west to his culinary style.His menus are seasonal and highly reliant on fresh ingredients, As Chef Vichea says “seasonality brings an opportunity to vary or mix and match the accompaniment to the traditional main ingredients of meat, fish and poultry, this allows me bring my creativity back to the magic of the kitchen”. Chef Vichea has a slight conflict of interest when it comes to his signature dish, he will answer without hesitation, “ Duck a’l’Orange” and in his second breath he will tell you that he never misses an opportunity to create his fusion specialty Duck a la Orange Kampot. This is a true fusion of quality Khmer ingredients with traditional French cuisine.MethodologyTake succulent meaty and tender fresh kampong ( village ) grown duck breasts with the skin sliced in the traditional cross hash manner, then seasoned with salt and rolled in the flavor filled Kampot, cracked black pepper corns,(native to Cambodia). Then quickly sear the seasoned breasts in a hot pan, needing only a smear of olive oil because it produces it own natural oils when sealed and the skin is crispy and slightly brown then finished in a medium over until the meat is firm to the touch. The flavors are sealed in and after resting the relaxed meats release the juices to flow over the offering. The sliced breast is then drizzled with a traditional Orange Jus, of glazed honey, orange segments and juice, infused with a fine julienne of fresh orange rind and white wine reduction. Chef Vichea then creates his bed of steamed Jasmine rice infused with the fresh coconut juice and oil, a pinch of turmeric and Pandan leaf. The rice bed is gentle yet intriguing in its taste and aroma that is not overwhelmed by the Orange Jus. Chef Vichea accompanies the dish with a traditional Khmer Green Salad (Sand Kateab leaf) with sprinkles of fresh deep fried shallots & garlic and roast grated coconut. This can be further seasoned to taste with a side condiment of salt, pepper and lime juice. This all combines to give Khmer fusion to a traditional French dish that has a modern flavorsome dish. Managing Director of INUNISSION Group, owning company of Angkor Sayana Hotel & Spa, Daryl Hissey said“we are fortunate and proud to announce the appointment of Chef Vichea, he has a long standing reputation for consistency in fine cuisine at an international standard and he bring to our group a sense of confidence when it comes to the reputation of our food & beverage product”.

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